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Erolina Citaku

Junior Public Relation Officer

Meet Erolina Citaku, characterized by a strong passion to give positive contribution to the community, accompanied with hard working attitude and high determination of finishing tasks and duties efficiently. In March 2017, she joined the SBIFM team as an intern in order to enhance her learning experience and gain the necessary skills needed of a fully capable, effective and after devoted commitment now she is one of our employees on position - Junior Public Relation Officer . Her mission is to contribute to the improvement of the standards of the marginalized communities in Mitrovice/a and beyond. Erolina is a student in the sophomore year in International Sales and Marketing at International Business College Mitrovica.

U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers Visit Social Business Incubator in Roma Mahalla


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SBIFM Representative Visits the Ministry of Communities and Returns in Kosovo

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NGO ZRRAM participated in folkloric festival “Yekhipe – Bashkimi” in Kumanovë/o, FRYOM.


On the 16th of June 2017, the Enhancing Youth Employment - EYE Staff visited Social Business Incubator Mitrovicë/a in Roma Mahala.

SBIFM Staff attended Mitrovica Municipality meeting with citizens and budget hearing for period 2018-2020.

NGO Domovik staff visited Learning Center in Roma Mahalla.

On 12th of July SBIFM had a meeting with KWfW where they consulted on the functionality of businesses supported by KWfW.

Interview with Teuta Avdija owner of "Lola" Laundry in down town Mitrovicë/a.