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Where Do We Do It

Social Business Incubator Foundation Mitrovica SBIFM is located in the old Roma Neighborhood in Mitrovicë/a.

SBIFM uses the shipping containers donated from the Danish KFOR were arranged on the 880m2 of land approved by Mitrovica Municipality for economic development activities. There are twenty (20) containers including 3 sanitary units; containers were erected on two floor levels, properly roofed with constructed metal stairs and walkways.

Opposite of the SBIFM premises are social buildings, private houses and in row houses designed, constructed, and built for Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities implemented by Danish Refugee Council, Norwegian Church Aid, Mercy Corps, and funded from the Swedish International Development Agency, European Union, Government of Kosovo/a, and Municipality of Mitrovica.

The building of the SBIFM is made of containers light filled space with hardwood floors; versatile enough to inspire the noble deeds and accommodate social enterprises in the business incubator programme. Constructed in 2009 by the community and supported by Danish Refugee Council technical staff.

Conveniently located within Roma Mahala neighborhood, it offers an easy access to different opportunities designed for disabled, women, and youth who are otherwise socially and economically deprived. It is only 10 minute walk to Municipality of Mitrovica, the downtown and it is nearby UNITETI, Regional Vocational Training Center, and private education facilities such as FAMA, Kosova/o Leadership Academy, University of Mitrovica, and School for People with Disability.

U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers Visit Social Business Incubator in Roma Mahalla


Vocational Training Hairdresser

Vocational Training Carpentry

Vocational Training Welding

SBIFM Hosts Social Impact Award

SBIFM Representative Visits the Ministry of Communities and Returns in Kosovo

SBIFM Team Attends Kosovo Volunteers Management Workshop

SBIFM Co-financing the Video Campaign #UneJamTi

SBIFM Representative Visits International Business College Mitrovica

Social Enterprise Handcraft " Inspiracja"

Social Enterprise Handcraft Gjuvljano Mangipe

NGO ZRRAM participated in folkloric festival “Yekhipe – Bashkimi” in Kumanovë/o, FRYOM.


On the 16th of June 2017, the Enhancing Youth Employment - EYE Staff visited Social Business Incubator Mitrovicë/a in Roma Mahala.

SBIFM Staff attended Mitrovica Municipality meeting with citizens and budget hearing for period 2018-2020.

NGO Domovik staff visited Learning Center in Roma Mahalla.

On 12th of July SBIFM had a meeting with KWfW where they consulted on the functionality of businesses supported by KWfW.

Interview with Teuta Avdija owner of "Lola" Laundry in down town Mitrovicë/a.