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Thursday, June 15, 2017

SBIFM Finished Capacity Building Training's at the International Business College Mitrovica

On the 3rd of April 2017, Social Business Incubator Foundation Mitrovicë/a started Capacity Building Trainings at the International Business College Mitrovica. Trainings were organized by Danish Refugee Council and funded by Swedish International Development Agency under the framework of the “Support to Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Mitrovicë/a” project. IBCM has been contracted to deliver technical services in workshop style sessions and individual coaching in various field (please refer below) in order to achieve the following results/deliverables.  

The trainings were intended for the capacity building of SBIFM staff, board members, and its local partners NGO ZRRAM, NGO PRAM, NGO RADC, Social Enterprise Gjuvljano Mangipe, NGO Inspiracija, Municipality of Mitrovica, UNITETI Company for Waste Management, and etc. The trainings were in the fields of: Communication, Information and Technology, Management, Leadership, Accounting, Situation and Management analysis, Needs-Assessment, Fundraising skills, Grant Writing, Project management, and Reporting skills.

The training provided participants with basic understanding of assigned fields and enabled them learn and set up a good basis for further practice. The training sessions were practical implementation of the most important fundamentals and principles of fields mention above. The very training delivery incorporated theory and practical skills sessions. The theory session comprised of classroom based lecturing presentation mixed with open discussions (larger group), scenario-based (small groups) discussions, individual/group exercises, case-study, video clips and power point slides in lesson format.
Participants regarded these training opportunities as beneficial for their future, personal, and organizational development.

The trainings were completed on 1st of June 2017, where the participant were awarded with Certificate of Participation in fields of trainings they participated.


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